Critical-to-Quality OEM Manufacturer | Juscom INC

Juscom means Quality and Consistency

If you have ever driven luxury German car, used any kind of telephone, or turned on an air-conditioner, then there is a high probability that you have “touched” a Juscom, Inc. manufactured product.

A Taiwanese company, our products are usually—but not always—used by Tier Two and Tier Three vendors in the automotive industry. In this supply chain, we are an “A” rated supplier, scoring an overall 97% in recent VDA QMC audits.

Because of our consistent quality, more and more non-automotive customers have chosen to work with us. They realize that our company's single-culture approach gives them a Total Cost of Quality (TCQ) that is much lower than other vendors.


Critical-to-Quality Partner

The importance of global manufacturing and sourcing in non-automotive industries is paramount in the era of global sales and production. Yet finding a competent, high-quality manufacturing partner is extremely difficult—more so if lower volumes are involved.

Juscom Inc. is has a very strong quality culture due to our origins in the high-quality and cost-sensitive automotive sector. We engage in IATF 16949 controlled electromechanical assembly work in the automotive and non-automotive sectors. Most of our customers are in Germany, Japan, and North America.

Full-Time IATF 16949 Quality

We make cable and wire harness assemblies, industrial products, and retail packaged consumer products using the same stringent IATF 16949 approved processes.

Consider working with Juscom, Inc. even if your company is not in the automotive sector since we use the same processes and quality culture regardless of customer industry. Good quality costs less than cheaper, lower quality products once the costs of remediation, potential loss of business, and customer confidence are considered.



Traceable, Flexible, Responsible

  • Fully traceability up and down the supply chain;
  • Fully documented work processes;
  • A consultative, partnership approach to problem solving;
  • Flexibility to make changes late into the production cycle;
  • A no-compromise quality culture;
  • Continuity in project management;
  • Discreet and confidential;
  • Ethical.

Broad Capabilities

Juscom, Inc. maintains a broad range of capabilities to meet wide ranging customer requirements. The common element across all our capabilities is process control. Labor-intensive assembly work introduces the most variance into the manufacturing process, so we take special care to control our entire manufacturing chain with internal standards that typically exceed IPC/WHMA-A-620 Class 3, and IATF 16949 standards.