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Juscom maintains a broad range of capabilities to meet wide ranging customer requirements, but one thing is always the same: our production process.

Since labor-intensive assembly work introduces variance, it is imperative that we follow
IATF 16949 standards to maintain quality and control throughout our entire manufacturing chain and production process.

From field testing to full-scale production, Juscom ensures consistency and traceability, so our clients can go to market successfully.

Once a product prototype is approved, our clients will commit to field testing a limited number of engineering samples. The Goal: to determine if any additional design modifications need to be made before a limited production run. Juscom will iterate, test, and repeat with our clients until they are completely satisfied with the product.

When a product is successfully field-tested and approved for production, Juscom begins a limited production run. The Goal: to scale up to a full production run by manufacturing a lower quantity of products to validate the manufacturing process, and make any needed adjustments prior to full-scale production.

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  • PPAP is a critical part of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). Designed to minimize risk in the manufacturing process by introducing consistency and conformity, APQP is a methodology that enables “customers to easily communicate their product quality planning requirements to their suppliers.”

Juscom provides the limited-run units to the customer for approval. If approved, we move on to full-scale production. If there is any change, however—for example, we need to use a different part because the specified one is no longer available—we’ll repeat the PPAP process and limited production run, as required by IATF 16949, until it is approved for full-scale production.

Juscom is in the final phase of APQP: Production Launch, Assessment, and Improvement. The Goal: To produce at full-capacity, while continuously improving performance, minimizing variance, and satisfying our clients’ objectives.

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