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As a small or midsize business, getting your product design to the finish line can be challenging. Perhaps in-house production is no longer feasible as your business grows. Or maybe you’re ready to pass the torch from design to production, but lower volume or high costing is a significant roadblock to finding the right contract manufacturer.

Juscom understand the unique needs of SMBs and our experienced team can come in at any stage of the
production realization process, from consulting on design for manufacturing, to scaling up production and distribution. We adhere to the same process and single quality culture, regardless of industry or company size, to provide our clients with a Total Cost of Quality (TCQ) that is unmatched. Discover what we can do for you.

Throughout the design, prototyping, and production process, effective communication and collaboration among different teams are critical to success. We’ll help you establish a well-defined and technically feasible design that can be effective manufactured to meet customer needs and expectations. Juscom believes in continuously monitoring, evaluating, and improving our efforts to ensure that every product is market-ready. 


At this critical stage where the conceptualized product idea is transformed into a detailed and feasible design, Juscom can help you further define your product's functional requirements so you can finalize design specifications and ensure viability. Some of the ways we assist SMBs include: 

  • Reviewing specifications for components, assemblies, and subsystems.
  • Reviewing and recommending component materials, taking into account mechanical properties, durability, cost, and environmental considerations. 
  • Highlighting potential cost or production constraints.
  • Providing feedback during the iterative prototype and design process. 
  • Collaborating to validate the final design for manufacturing.


Juscom will set up the necessary infrastructure, coordinate the production processes, and manage quality control to produce your final product on time, to specifications, and within budget. Some of the  key manufacturing services Juscom provides include:

  • Production planning. Estimating the material requirements, identifying the production equipment needed, and establishing the production schedule for a consistent production process.
  • Supply chain management. Sourcing raw materials, coordinating material delivery to the production facility, and inventory management to ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials throughout the production process.
  • Manufacturing process set-up. Configuring assembly lines, installing machinery, and establishing workstations to optimize workflow and efficiency.
  • Quality control. Setting up quality control checkpoints, conducting inspections, and performing tests at various stages of production. Statistical process control (SPC) techniques are employed to monitor and maintain consistent quality.
  • Execution. Components are fabricated, assembled, and integrated according to the design specifications. Skilled workers perform tasks such as machining, molding, welding, soldering, and assembly. Close monitoring and coordination are necessary to maintain productivity and address any production issues that arise.
  • Testing and inspection. Finished products undergo testing and inspection to verify their performance, functionality, and compliance with quality standards. 
  • Packaging and logistics. Packaging design and materials are chosen to ensure product protection and enhance the overall presentation. Logistics and distribution networks are established to transport the packaged products to warehouses and distribution centers, or directly to retailers or customers.
  • Documentation and compliance. Detailed records of production processes and quality control procedures to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance.

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